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What is a See Tickets payment plan?

To encourage customers to buy a ticket today for a lower initial commitment, you can deploy See Tickets Payment Plans to allow customers to buy a ticket and pay in installments. This can be very helpful to them when ticket prices are higher.

When a customer checks out with a payment plan option, entering their debit/credit card number at the time of purchase, they are clearly informed about the number of installments due and when to expect future payments.

Here is how payment plans are displayed on the ticket page:

Here is how payment plans are displayed on the checkout page:

The customer will have pre-planned, scheduled installments that continue on specific dates until the full amount of the ticket price, fees, taxes, etc. have been collected.

The customer agrees to the future payment plan installments and is required to do nothing else for payments to take place. If a customer has insufficient funds available or cancels the debit/credit card used for the initial payment, the attempt to process a payment will fail. If their card information has changed prior to a scheduled date, customers must preemptively update the information within their Order Details > Payment Plan Details.

Is there a grace period if a customer misses a payment? How do customers reinstate their payment plan during their Grace Period?

When a payment fails, customers have a 10-day Grace Period, during which they can retry their overdue payment with the same card or a new one, to get their plan back on schedule.

Customers receive an automated email from See Tickets, informing them of their failed payment with a link to update their payment information. Customers can also retry a payment directly within their See Tickets US customer account.

Once they have successfully reconciled the failed payment, their plan will resume as scheduled with the updated card information.

Failed Payment Notification Email

What happens if a customer does not successfully pay their failed payment during the grace period?

If a customer does not successfully pay their failed payment within the 10-day Grace Period, their payment plan falls into an expired status. The expired status adds a Forgiveness Period, which represents the number of conditional days after the Grace Period that a customer can still reinstate their payment plan order.

Since our payment plans are customized per event, the schedule of payments and Grace/Forgiveness Periods depend on various factors, like inventory restrictions and fulfillment schedules prior to the event. For questions about Forgiveness Period length, please contact your Client Service Manager.

How do customers reinstate their expired payment plan during a Forgiveness Period? 

As mentioned, when a payment fails an automated email is sent linking the customer to retry the payment. However, once the Grace Period passes, customers essentially void the Payment Plan Terms agreed to at purchase and are assumed to be a loss to incomplete plans by industry standard.

In an effort to convert expired plan orders into completed ones, See Tickets personally sends out a reminder email to those customers who may have forgotten to retry during the Grace Period or may now have the funds available. This email goes out twice a month: once at the beginning of each month and another in the latter half.


Additionally, an alert message with the Retry Payment link appears in their See Tickets US Customer Account dashboard and in the respective Order Details in the “Payment Plan Details” section.


Can customers cancel their payment plan?

Yes, payment plans can be "canceled" or voided as we say. They must contact Customer Support to have that done. Once voided, the customer will no longer be charged on the scheduled dates. If a customer changes their mind later, they can have their plan reinstated if ticket inventory allows and they are within the forgiveness period.

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