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This integration is in beta. To access the See Tickets integration on Prism, please reach out to

Easily connect to to integrate your event booking and management with your ticket sales. See where revenue is at alongside your costs, generating an automated net profit for all of your shows that are on sale.

Getting Started

Sign into your See Tickets dashboard and navigate to the API Credentials page. Create an API credential by selecting "+ Add new".

Ensure that the following API permissions are selected:

  • Events
  • Inventory
  • Sales
  • Fee Breakdown

Copy your API Key and API Secret. Note: Your API secret will not be shown again, so please copy it to a secure location.

Screenshot 2023-12-19 at 8.52.25 AM.png

Go to and navigate to Settings > Web Integrations to complete the integration. Note: User must be an Admin of the Prism account in order to set up integrations.

Screenshot 2023-12-19 at 3.39.26 PM.png

Select "Connect" next to the See Tickets label.

Screenshot 2023-12-19 at 3.40.02 PM.png

A popup will appear where you can enter the Token (API Key), API Secret, and Client ID.

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