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New Box Office App: Point of Sale [Beta] Guide

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The new box office app offers a user-friendly experience to manage all aspects for on-site sales.

Key Functionality:

  • Sell Tickets: Manage ticket sales for a single event at a time.
  • Secure Payments: Accept credit card payments through using a wireless Stripe M2 card reader.
  • Printed Ticket Delivery: Generate and print Boca tickets directly from the app via bluetooth connection.
  • Collect Customer Information (Optional): Gather basic customer information during purchase, useful for event management and future communication.
  • Email Receipt: Send a basic (non-PDF) email receipt to the customer upon purchase.
  • Check-in: Mark tickets as scanned after completing a sale (currently available for single-day events only).

Note: The app is currently in beta, and will have many updates to come.

Assumptions to Note

  • The app is currently supported on Android & Web.

  • Card payments use M2 Readers and require use of See Tickets processing. (Stripe Connect is not available yet)
  • The current features are optimized to fully work on Android tablets.

  • The web version is mobile friendly.
  • Not supported in web version: Card payments, printing. Users will still be able to take cash payments, comp tickets and deliver other delivery methods.

Authentication and Permissions

Permissions are offered per tab of the app:

  1. Settings: Allows the user to edit box office settings at client or event Level.

  2. Sell Tickets: Allows the user to access the Sell Tickets tab.

  3. Manage Orders: Allows the user to access the Manage Orders tab and use service features.

To access the Point of Sale, you’ll need to grant permissions on different levels.

  • For client level permissions go to Client dashboard → Manage → Users → Search / Add → Input user email → Edit Permissions → Events → Box Office APP

    • The user will have access to all events on that client’s account.

  • For event level permissions go to Event dashboard → Manage → Users → Search / Add → Input user email → Edit Permissions → Events → Box Office APP

    • The user will have access to only this event.

Important: Users must have multi-factor authentication set up, otherwise, access will not be granted.

The application can be accessed in two ways:

To log in, enter email, password & MFA code.

Event Selection

The Point of Sale allows users to manage one event at a time. To switch between events, access the event list:

  1. Upon Login: The event list will be displayed automatically during login.

  2. Change Event Button: Tap the "Change Event" button located at the top bar to access the list.

The event list provides the following information for each event:

  • Event Name

  • Date and Time

  • Venue Name

Search for specific events by name using the search function. If no events are available, a "Sign Out" button will be displayed. Events will remain listed for up to 72 hours after their official off-sale date and time.

Hardware Set Up

The Android App version is compatible to connect via bluetooth with:

Here’s a guide, step by step to set up hardware via Bluetooth:


Users can access settings by clicking the dropdown menu and selecting one of the following options:

  • Event Settings: Modify settings for the specific event currently displayed at the top of the screen.

  • Client Settings: Establish a "template" for settings applied to future events.

There are three main features with adjustable settings:

  • Printer:

    • Choose between two ticket format options:

      • Venue Style Format

      • Festival Style Format

    • Print a test ticket

  • Check-in: Determine how to check in an entire order upon completing of a sale:

    • Automatic Check-in: Automatically marks all tickets in the order as scanned.

    • Manual Check-in: Enables a button on the confirmation page for manual order scanning.

  • Customer Info: Determine if you want to collect the customer info through the process.

Important Notes:

  • Event settings always override any client settings.

  • Client settings are not applied retroactively; they only affect new events created after the settings are configured.

Ticket Listing

The ticket listing displays all tickets currently enabled for the selected event. The app formats the listing based on the order defined in the Ticket Manager, preserving the order within each group.

Ticket Details:

  • Ticket Type Name

  • Face Value

  • Price: Reflects the Face Value, potentially including any applicable fees based on settings.

  • Quantity: Shows the number of tickets currently selected for this type.

  • Ticket Description (optional)

  • Door Time (optional)

Adding/Removing Tickets:

The user can interact with the ticket listing through a grid view for faster cart additions. Here's how to add or remove tickets:

  • Add Tickets:

    • Tap the selection box for the desired ticket type.

    • Tap the "+" sign to increase the quantity.

    • Manually enter the desired number of tickets in the quantity field.

  • Remove Tickets:

    • Tap the "-" sign to decrease the quantity.

    • Directly removing them from the cart.

Note: Ticket types not configured for Box Office sales (in their advanced settings) will not appear on the listing.


The cart temporarily reserves tickets from the event allotment in real-time. You can modify the cart contents until you proceed to checkout. Once checkout begins, the cart becomes read-only. To change your selection after starting checkout, return to ticket selection.

Cart Elements:

  • Total Tickets Selected: Displays the total number of tickets currently in your cart.

  • Ticket Summary: Lists each selected ticket type, quantity, and subtotal (quantity multiplied by face value).

  • Clear Ticket Selection: An "X" button allows you to remove all tickets of a specific type from the cart.

  • Promo Code: Enter a promotional code here if applicable.

  • Delivery Method: A dropdown menu displays available delivery methods based on event settings. The first listed option is selected by default.

    • The only delivery method available at this time is to print tickets with "Print Now". If you don't have a Boca Printer, you can still skip printing. 

Cart Calculations:

  • Subtotal: The sum of all ticket face values.

  • Taxes: Taxes applied based on event settings.

  • Fees: Fees added according to event settings.

  • Total: The final amount you they customer should pay, including all subtotal, tax, and fee charges

Cart Actions:

  • Checkout: Proceed to payment method selection.

  • Cancel Transaction: Empty the cart and start over.

Credit Card Payments

Stripe handles all credit card transactions securely, ensuring compliance with Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards. Processing occurs through Stripe using the M2 Card Reader, which connects wirelessly to the Android device via Bluetooth. To operate the reader you can use Stripe’s documentation here:

To connect the M2 reader to the Box Office app, follow these steps:

  1. Locate the Bluetooth Indicator: Look for the red/green indicator on the top left corner of the app screen. This indicator shows the reader's connection status.

  2. Power On the Reader: Turn on the M2 reader and ensure it's ready for pairing.

    • Pairing (First Time Only): If this is the first time pairing these devices, the app will request permission to pair with the reader. Grant permission to proceed.

  3. Automatic Connection: The app and reader should connect automatically within 10-20 seconds.

  4. Verify Connection: Once connected, the red indicator on the app screen will turn green.

Important Notes:

  • Currently, the Box Office app only integrates with the See Tickets processor for secure credit card processing.

  • The Stripe M2 reader is the only compatible hardware for credit card payments within the app.

  • The M2 reader does not require manual pre-pairing with the device. The app will handle the pairing process automatically.

  • The M2 reader is currently not compatible with the web app and is limited to Android devices.

Cash Payments

After the checkout, the user can select the cash button at the payment screen. The app will open the change calculator that consists of 3 number indicators:

    1. Total Due - To receive.

    2. Cash received - Which will be updated once the user inputs any info.

    3. Change due Which will calculate the Amount due minus the cash received.

The calculator has 2 options to input info:

  • Quick amount actions: This inputs the amount selected automatically and does not add up anymore inputs.
  • If you select another amount or click on the keyboard, it will replace the first selected amount.

Manual Keyboard that can be used digitally in the app, or directly on the physical keyboard.


  • Quick actions are to input total received, not to add bills.

  • Using the cash calculator is not mandatory, you can continue to confirm the payment.

Printing Tickets

Printing tickets will happen automatically through the Boca printer paired to the device. The app will connect via bluetooth. Depending on your settings, the tickets will be printed after you:

  • Confirm the payment

  • Collect customer info

If the printer is not connected, make sure your connectivity is working. You can review how to connect a Boca Printer here. To troubleshoot a non-responsive connectivity:

  1. Turn the boca off.

  2. Close the app.

  3. Turn the Boca on.

  4. Open the app and go to any event.

  5. Go to Client Settings → Printer

  6. Wait for the app to try to connect automatically.

    1. If the marker turns green, print a test ticket.

      • If the ticket is printed you are ready to go.

      • If the app is still un-responsive, keep the boca turned on and close the app to repeat the process.

    2. If the marker remains red, keep the boca turned on and close the app to repeat the process.


  • Printer’s bluetooth not compatible is not compatible yet with the webapp, for now you can only use it with an Android device.

  • iOS will be available but it is not going to be integrated in the short-term.

Collect Customer Information

Collect customer information by enabling the option in event settings. If toggled on for a specific event, a customer information collection step will be added to the purchase process. Here's what you can enter:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Email Address

  • Phone Number

  • Zip Code

  • Sequence Numbers

    • Events with physical tickets using sequential numbering allow you to enter the corresponding sequence numbers for your purchased tickets. Ensure the number of sequence numbers entered matches the quantity of tickets purchased.

  • Notes: Will be added to the order history notes in the system.

Saving Information

You are not required to enter any customer information. Feel free to skip this step entirely. You can also save partially completed information (e.g., only name and email) and continue with the purchase.

Confirmation Screen

The confirmation screen displays the details of your recent sale and provides several actions you can take.

Order Summary:

  • Order Number: Your unique identifier for this purchase.

  • Customer Information (Editable):

    • First Name

    • Last Name

    • Email

  • Ticket Details:

    • Number of tickets by type purchased (e.g., 2 x General Admission, 1 x VIP)

  • Delivery Method: How the tickets were be delivered (e.g., Print Now)

  • Payment Method: The method used to pay for the order (e.g. Cash, Card, Comp)

  • Total Paid: The final amount charged

Available Actions:

  • Finish: Return to the ticket listing to start a new order.

  • Send Receipt: Email a receipt to the customer using the provided email address or a newly entered address.

  • Check-in (Single-Day Events Only): Mark all tickets in this order as scanned. (Currently available for single-day events only).

  • Re-print: Print duplicate tickets for this order.

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