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Spring 2024

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  • Created a refund confirmation email, sent to customers after a refund has been processed on their order.
  • Updated the design of the desktop version of the to align with our design system.
  • Updated GA Holds feature for venues, allowing users to sell holds when the ticket type is inactive. This allows box office managers to remove inventory from online sales while still executing the sale of holds from the box office.
  • Improvement to the iOS Access Control app camera feature to prevent sensitivity and immediate duplicate scans.
  • Added an Event ID column to the Order Details - Client Account report.
  • Improved send date logic in Attendee Email & Attendee SMS feature for better reliability.
  • Added the event name to the subject of confirmation emails.
  • Implemented a design configuration feature for our checkout page to provide a more seamless branded experience for customers.

Winter 2024

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  • Launched a Venue Dashboard, offering accurate, up-to-date, at-a-glance information that will inform decision-making about upcoming events, including:
    • A user experience with key information readily available
    • Flexibility so varying users can use the same dashboard to get different information
  • Integrated with Google's Things to Do search feature, which prominently displays events with important event info directly from a Google search page.
  • Implemented an automatic sync of chargeback data into our platform to keep our record of chargebacks per event up to date.
  • Upgraded the technology used in our Prism integration for scale.
  • Updated the checkout page technology and UX to provide a better mobile experience and allow for additional features such as the acceptance of more card brands, use of Link for faster checkout, improved address validation tools, and more.

Fall 2023

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  • Launched a new access control app for barcoded tickets.
  • Improvements to Multi-Factor Authentication:
    • Implemented a back button when setting up SMS for MFA.
    • Implemented a way to track MFA login attempts in the backend.
  • Improvement to event statuses for day of show tickets on the event feed.
  • Confirmation Emails:
    • Launched new customization options for confirmation emails.
    • Implemented the generation of P@H and Will Call PDF receipts for Box Office purchases.
    • Made the Copyright year dynamic in all PDFs when using the new email service.
    • Added the new email service by default on all newly created client accounts.

Summer 2023


  • Launched a new Affiliate API and web application to replace our legacy referral network feed. The Affiliate API allows affiliate partners like BandsInTown and Songkick to access event data to promote ticket sales in more channels.
  • Launched Multi-Factor Authentication for client users, increasing platform security by requiring two forms of authentication before users can access important client data.
  • Integrated with Tradable Bits, a marketing partner which provides tools to increase sales and achieve industry leading ROI with hyper-targeted ads, engagement campaigns and data-backed sponsorships.
  • Event Creation for Venues Improvement: Ticket Transfer Timer - Users will be able to schedule ticket transfer to turn off 1-31 days prior to their event. Ticket Transfer must be turned on to use this feature.
  • Implemented new fraud logic within our system to block the IP address of users who encountered more than ten repeated failed transaction.
  • Improved reserved seating best available algorithm in the case that there are not enough seats in the current section for the number of tickets selected. Now, the system will look for other sections and try to place seats together instead of placing some in the current section in order to fill it up, and the rest in another section.
  • Added customer email address to the client-facing customer Order History search results page and the Order Details page.
  • Client Portal for Wordpress Plugin Improvements: 
    • Improvement to Load More feature on event listings section.
    • Updated past events logic to keep events on the website until 6am local time, regardless of settlement status.
    • Updated search results to consistently display within the page's body content.

Spring 2023


  • Released an upgrade to the See Tickets email service to improve deliverability and speed. This will be rolled out to all accounts over the next several months.
  • Improved event image compression and rendering to display clearer images on the event page.
  • Event Creation for Venues Improvements:
    • Released GA Holds feature, which allows users to hold groups of tickets for artists, media, marketing, labels, etc that are reflected in the inventory and reporting.
    • Released default ticket settings, which allows users to set default age restrictions, default tickets per order, and default inactive ticket messages for all ticket types.
    • Released optional show time feature, which allows users to choose if they want to display the event time to attendees throughout PDF and e-commerce pages.
    • Added change log tracking to Promote tools.
    • Resolved an issue causing the Ticket Manager to throw an error when multiple actions including Price Level changes were saved simultaneously.
    • Restored the ability to change the parent ticket type for shared ticket allotments that have not yet sold or comped any tickets.

Winter 2022


  • Launched a consumer feature which offers the option of protecting a fan's purchase through our new Ticket Protection offering.
  • Added new filtering options to the Order History page. Users can now filter by ticket type or ticket status to better analyze or search for specific order use cases.
  • Updated the event-level Link Tracking Summary Report to include event sales coming from client-level tracking links as well as event-level tracking links. This change will give a clearer picture on how tracking links are performing across all setup types.
  • Resolved an issue causing tracking link clicks to not display in reporting until at least one sale had been made. Now, clicks will appear in reporting after the first click is made on event tracking links.
  • Added new ticket stock colors to ticket stock order page. Our new color options are white, teal, orange, purple, and pink. We will no longer offer blue or green ticket stock.
  • Added new dynamic fields for conversion pixel tracking, including Client ID and Face Value.
  • Improved error messaging around timer fields to prevent users from selecting overlapping dates.
  • Improvements to platform security.
  • We have partnered with a provider to offer consumers static advertisements selected by relevance and displayed after purchase. This will not appear anywhere in the active purchase flow.

Fall 2022


  • Launched Resource Center within the See Tickets Backoffice. In the bottom corner, you will find a tool to access our knowledge base, marketing materials, new feature announcements, and more.
  • Updated Facebook Publish sync settings to only send updated fields to Facebook instead of all fields each time an update is made.

Summer 2022


  • Updated Sales column calculation on client dashboard to include face value + facility fees only (less any promo code discounts used). This update will give you a clearer picture of the revenue that goes directly to your business.
  • Updated account level Daily Stats Email to include events without sales. This will give you a clearer picture of how sales are doing for all events to make informed decisions on marketing and promotion.
  • Added ##PROMOCODE## as a dynamic field option to use in marketing pixel conversion code. The addition of this field allows marketers and ambassador programs like Social Ladder to collect promo code data as part of their tracking.
  • Improved the artist selection dropdown to show 20 artists and be scrollable so users can find the correct artist with minimal information.
  • Removed ability to refund payment plan tickets in the box office. If you need to refund a ticket purchased with a payment plan, please contact your client service representative.
  • Retired Facebook Friends login feature on event page.
  • Updated Adwords feature to include a 'Stop Tracking' button to disable Adwords tracking.

Spring 2022


  • Updated Client-Level Daily Stats email to include the daily change in dollars to show how much face value was collected in total and per event.
  • Improved sorting and usability of headliner and talent field drop-downs to display more artist options. 
  • Added reason code to automated chargeback emails to give clients more insight into why a chargeback occurred for their event.
  • Updated stats tool for mass-created tracking links to group stats by a single sub promoter name instead of individual stats for each tracking link.
  • Dance and Magic genres added to Performing Arts genre group for events.
  • Messaging added to Ticket Widget feature to announce retirement.
  • Updated final call to action (CTA) button in Review section from Publish Event to Create Event for new events and from Finish Event to Finish Update for event edits.
  • Removed required status of Event Description fields to allow for empty descriptions in order to speed up event creation time for simple events.

Winter 2021


  • Updated Paper Lists feature to display transferred ticket orders alongside normal purchases.
  • Improved copy & paste actions in the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) text fields, including the event description, ticket description, event message, and inactive ticket message. Excess code and styles are now stripped out to prevent altering the event page code.
  • Added a clear formatting option to all WYSIWYG fields to remove unwanted formatting from copied text.
  • Completed separation of Funk and Soul genres by updating all existing events listed as “Funk/Soul” to “Funk”.
  • Added copy functionality to the custom event link field.
  • Updated group open/close link to a toggle to make the field more user-friendly.
  • Expanded the character limit on the event header and subtitle from 40 characters to 60 characters on the online event page. PDFs and ticket stock will still respect the 40 character limit.
  • Updated price levels feature to allow users to create price levels before a ticket has been saved. The user can create price levels immediately after ticket creation and use the ticket manager section save button to save all work. Updated error messaging to prevent users from creating price levels for lower amounts than the initial ticket price.

Fall 2021


  • Upgraded Hive API to collect more accurate customer data using sales endpoints instead of relying on the SDK to grab customer info.
  • Affiliate Report: Created a new affiliate report which tracks affiliate sales by event date, which will give affiliates a better reporting tool for tracking which events they sell the most tickets.
  • BandsInTown/SongKick Affiliate Feed – Added event end date to data being pushed to BandsInTown and Songkick to properly display multi-day events.
  • Facebook Publish Improvements:
    • Added the ability to search for co-hosts by profile ID, allowing clients to execute a more precise search for smaller artists.
    • Resolved an issue causing the event description to appear with improper formatting on Facebook events published through See Tickets.
    • Added error messaging when no page is selected.
  • Geolocation added to new venues created to improve the Spotify integration for venue events.

Summer 2021


  • Integration with Lyte to create a safe resale market.
  • Added unsold column in client level daily stats email.
  • Added an image cropper, allowing clients to crop uploaded images during event creation for an improved layout on the event page and confirmation PDFs.
  • Added a more flexible option for adding alternative terms and conditions to an event.
  • Increased character count on Event Location field from 30 characters to 60 characters.
  • Created a report that lists orders from See Tickets and Lyte. Users can filter out orders that were bought on See Tickets and since sold through Lyte.
  • Adjusted the "Add to Cart" flow for events using reserved seating and GA on separate tabs. Customers no longer have to hit different "Add to Cart" buttons to add items to their cart across multiple tabs.
  • Added publish date and UTC time fields to the client XML feed to improve website "Just Announced" abilities and provide accurate event date/time data to Hive for cart abandonment.
  • Added a Spotify toggle to the Promote tool so clients can better control which events appear on Spotify.
  • Event Tags in Hive XML Feed: Added event tags in the See Tickets Client XML feed to use for future segmentation for email marketing and search results on client websites.
  • Google+ Removed from Website: Google+ sharing capabilities and iconography has been removed from the platform due to Google no longer supporting this service.

Spring 2021


  • Clients and staff can access our client support knowledge base, directly from the client dashboard by clicking on the Support Docs menu item at the top of the left side navigation.
  • Added a “No deduction” option for promo codes used as access codes.
  • Updated coloring and report description to Event Audit Report for easier readability.
  • Created a client level report including total scan counts per event split by paid and comp tickets.

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