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Creating and Managing User Accounts

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There are multiple ways to add new users to the See Tickets US platform. The first one described in this article is the most concise & accurate way to ensure a user gets added quickly and correctly. The second is more straightforward, but can ultimately be a bit inconsistent. 


  1. In a private browser/Incognito window, go to
  2. Click SIGN IN/UP at top of page.
  4. Enter email address for new user.
  5. Create generic password that will be reset by the user.  unnamed.png
  6. Once logged into the new account, it is essential for our reporting that you then add a first and last name to the account:
    • Click on the MY ACCOUNT drop down at the top right.
    • Click on the email address of the account in gray.
    • Click on Account on the right-hand side.
    • Add a first and last name, and then Save.

These are the steps the user will take to customize their password as well.


It can be helpful to create generic email addresses for clients to assign to their staff per event so that they do not have to create user specific logins for each staff member per event. ie,, etc. These are not real email addresses, thus Option 1 for set up will be needed for this account type set up.

Option 2: Auto-Invite

  1. Navigation: Client or Event Dashboard > Manage > Users
  2. Add a user by entering their email addressunnamed__2_.png
  3. If the email address is not already in the system it will automatically send an email invite to set up an account. The edit settings tool will be grayed out and unusable until the account is created. User3.png

You can also resend the email by clicking the mail icon. If they do not receive the email, have them check their Spam folder.

Managing User Account Details

Navigation: Client or Event Dashboard > Manage > Users

Users can be added and managed at the Client or the Event level. 

  • Client level Users should be added for anyone that needs access to all events under that client’s umbrella and/or more permissions than Event level settings include. 
  • Event level Users are restricted to access that event only, and their permissions are much more limited. 

Once a User has been added to the account, you can click the 'Edit Policy' pencil icon next to their email address to set their permissions. There is a drop down on the top right that has some common pre-set options, you can use this and/or select/deselect each individual item.



Client Level

Event Level

unnamed__6_.png unnamed__7_.png


Each checkbox to the right is a level above the next, so if you click Edit for example, you will have the View permissions as well.



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