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Credit Card Chargebacks

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What is a credit card chargeback?

A chargeback occurs when the customer disputes a charge with their credit card provider. Typically banks are more likely to refund the customer if they claim fraud, so this is our more typical complaint.  


Why do customers instigate a credit card chargeback?

A customer may feel for many reasons that they don’t understand a charge on their account, that they never bought a ticket or they have asked for a refund that has not been granted or if they are unsatisfied with services.  


What happens when a customer instigates a credit card chargeback?

If the transaction took place on See Tickets processor, funds are returned back to the cardholder. 

As a client, you’re automatically notified with the email associated with their client account.  See Tickets will invoice you for the amount of the chargeback and unless otherwise agreed, will hold back from event settlement payments

See Tickets Fraud Prevention team will automatically dispute the chargeback with all of the information that we have on the website (AVS and CVV match/ IP address/ customer communication/ our terms of service agreement etc). Once submitted, it takes between 30-90 days for the bank to decide on the dispute resolution. 

If the bank sides with the customer, the chargeback on the client’s statement stands and no changes are made

If the bank sides with See Tickets, we refund the amount charged back to your account, less any chargeback fee charged to cover the cost of disputing the chargeback imposed on See Tickets by our processor.


What is a chargeback fee?

Chargeback fees are what the banks and processors charge for disputes. They vary in amount according to the processor you use, but generally are between $25-$50. See Tickets processor typically charges $25.00 per chargeback.

E-commerce rules state that all chargeback fees are the responsibility of the merchant (See Tickets) and per the client terms agreement, chargebacks and chargeback fees are passed on to our clients unless we have agreed to another process with you in our deal making process. 


When can a customer instigate a credit card chargeback?

Specifics vary based on the reason, but typically cardholders have 120 days from the event to dispute a transaction. Some reasons allow up to 500 days from the event. 


Where can I learn more about rules from credit card companies?


Can a refund be issued on an order in chargeback status?

This is not recommended as the cardholder was already provided a credit from their bank or credit card.  Refunding would result in a second credit, as the dispute already provided a refund to the customer through a chargeback.


How can I avoid chargebacks?

The more flexible your refund policy, the less likely you’ll have chargebacks. See you Client Service Manager for Best Practices. 


Are tickets from orders in “charged back” status returned to inventory?

Yes, tickets from orders in chargeback status are returned to inventory. The new inventory numbers are reflected in the Live Stats on your Event Page on the See Tickets back end. 


Are tickets that have been reversed for Fraud returned to inventory?

Yes, tickets reversed as high-risk are returned to inventory. The new inventory numbers are reflected in the Live Stats on your Event Page on the See Tickets back end. 


Does a chargeback VOID tickets?

Yes, tickets are automatically invalidated when a chargeback is entered into the order details. They will no longer scan successfully, unless the dispute is won by us and the “chargeback” status removed. 


Can a customer use a ticket order that is still in “chargeback” status?

We are unable to reactivate an order that is in chargeback status. The dispute can take up to 90 days (from beginning to end) to clear from See Tickets system. If the customer still wants to attend the event, they need to repurchase a ticket(s) with a different card and email address. If they do repurchase, we cannot refund the original order until the chargeback clears in SeeTickets' system and they have placed a new order.


Do tickets become valid again when a chargeback resolves in See Tickets’ favor before the event date? 

Yes, tickets are valid if the chargeback is resolved in See Tickets’ and the chargeback status is removed from the order details. A refund is due unless the customer wants to use the tickets. 


Will tickets purchased with shipping still be mailed when the chargeback status has been removed?

No, tickets do not ship if they are in chargeback status or even when the chargeback has resolved in See Tickets’ favor. For security, the order is reissued to Will Call pick-up. If the customer wants to go to the event, they must show identification and the credit card to pick up their tickets and gain entry.


How are orders on payment plans handled when a chargeback is entered?

To prevent further chargebacks, Payment Plans are void when a chargeback is entered into the order details. This is to avoid each installment being contested as individual charge backs. *The $25 client Chargeback Fee is issued for each chargeback that is entered on the order.  


If a chargeback dispute is won in See Tickets' favor and the status removed, can a customer reinstate their incomplete payment plan?

No, as a security measure the platform does not allow this, so customers must repurchase.


How can I locate credits For Chargebacks Won?

For post-event chargebacks resolved in See Tickets’ favor, the client is credited for the disputed amount. Clients can view credits in the Statements section of their dashboard.


Where can I find Chargeback Reports?

Clients can utilize the Order Details Event Report to view orders currently in chargeback status. 

  • Go to Client Dashboard / ANALYZE menu / Stats/Reports / Event Sales Summary by Order Date
  • Enter the date range (start from on sale date) 
  • The sheet can be sorted by Ticket Status in column M. Filter for "Chargeback".  
  • Filter for "Refunded-Fraud" to find orders reversed for fraud. 
  • Please reach out to your Client Service Manager if you need to know any Chargeback Reason.

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