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Collecting Tax on Ticket Sales

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Setting: Client Dashboard > Create an Event

Setting: Event Dashboard > Event Info

Setting: Event Dashboard > Venue Event Edit > Ticket Settings

This feature allows tax to be charged on ticket sales. The customer pays the tax on the face value of the ticket, or face value plus service and facility fees. All tax collected is paid with the ticket sales at settlement. Please note: See Tickets are not responsible for paying the tax to the relevant authorities.

Choose to apply tax on the face value of the ticket only (Amount = Tax % x Face Value) or the face value plus fees (Amount = Tax % x Face Value + Fees).

Tax is set on a per event basis and can not be applied at the “client account level”.


After selecting YES, enter the percentage Tax Rate and choose to add it to either face value only or to face value and fees.


Delivery charges are excluded from the taxable amount. A ‘shipping markup’ can be added to the shipping price to cover tax on delivery charges if required.

Example of a 30% tax rate added to face value only:


Example of a 30% tax rate added to face value and fees:


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