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Setting: Event Dashboard > Manage > Custom Form Builder

The custom form builder allows you to collect data from ticket purchasers.

After a purchase is made, the customer is taken to a custom form before seeing the receipt page.

Customers are able to exit out of the form before completing it. We leave this process until after purchase to avoid losing purchases due to lengthy forms.

Note: nothing in the system actually requires the form be filled out by ticket buyers. 


Use Cases


Some of our clients want to collect extra data that is not related to the ticket buyer. Customers are buying tickets for other people. Some festivals may require registration for competitions. Using a custom form, the client can collect unique data like the registrant’s name and personal info, competitor identification numbers and any other information the client will need.

Mag Card/RFID Wristband/Print@Home Activation

Some clients “require” customers to register their mag cards, RFID wristbands, or print@home tickets. Once the customer receives their ticket, they can access a custom link on our site that asks them to enter in their ticket/wristband/mag card number. After they enter this number, a form will appear. This allows the client to collect the data of the ticket holder instead of the purchaser. Many clients see their customers purchase several tickets at a time, so this allows the client to capture a lot more data on their attendees. Note: nothing in the system actually requires the form be filled out by ticket buyers. 

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