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Delayed Delivery

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Clients have the option to delay the delivery of Print at Home or SMS tickets to the customer.

Why Delayed Delivery?  Delayed delivery can help reduce scalping by delivering tickets closer to the show date, leaving less time for tickets to be sold on to third parties. Delaying delivery can also reduce fraud by having a longer window to scan for fraudulent purchases before tickets are sent.

If Delayed Delivery is activated on an event, the event Upsell feature is removed on ALL EVENTS on the same client account. If this is a potential problem, a solution is to keep events which use event Upsell on a separate client account so they are not affected. If needed, please reach out to your Client Service Representative about creating another client account.

Get Started

Events with an active Print at Home or SMS delivery option can use delayed delivery. To activate, turn on Print at Home or SMS delivery in the delivery method manager.

Setting: Event Dashboard > Event Settings > Delayed delivery > Yes

In the Event Settings, toggle the Delayed delivery setting to YES. The delay period can be set from 1 to 30 days before the event. For scalping prevention, we recommend sending tickets 2 days before the event.

Event Page


Event Settings Screen


It is recommend that Ticket Transfer is not active if using Delayed Delivery to primarily reduce scalping.

Event Page

Once activated, the delivery method will change from “Print@Home” to “DELAYED Delivery”.


After the delayed delivery window ends, the delivery method will automatically convert to standard Print at Home or SMS and tickets will be delivered at the time of purchase.

Once the delayed delivery window ends, the delay period can not be extended.

Customer Flow

After purchase, the customer will receive an emailed receipt breakdown including the timeline of when they can expect to receive their tickets.


The ticket delivery date will be listed in the customer dashboard, purchase history, and order details.


On the delivery day, the customer will receive an email with their tickets attached and the customer will be able to view/download their tickets in their account.

Things to Know

  • This feature only works with Print@Home and SMS delivery methods. It is not compatible with shipped fulfillment methods.
  • Print@Home or SMS must be an active delivery option in order for delayed delivery to work. Toggling the setting to ‘Yes’ without one of those delivery methods being available to the customer will not have any effect.
  • If Delayed Delivery is activated on an event, the event "Upsells" feature is removed on all events on the same client account. This is because this feature can only be used if the customer is checking out with one event in their cart. Therefore, Add To Order is disabled on all accounts using Delayed Delivery.
  • If the Delayed Delivery setting is switched to ‘NO’, delayed delivery will be turned off and customers will receive their tickets by email immediately.
  • Delayed Delivery can be activated even after tickets have already been sold on an event. Tickets bought before the feature was activated will already have been delivered to the customers. 
  • It is possible to alter the delivery date after it has been set. For example, from 2 days to 5 days. Tickets ordered prior to the adjustment will be delivered on the newly adjusted date. This will be reflected on the customer order details.
  • Delayed Delivery does not work in box office transactions.
  • This feature does not work if Lyte has been activated on the event.

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