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Guest List Manager

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The Guest List Manager helps clients create and manage their guest list, check in, etc.

Get Started

Setting: Event Dashboard > Manage > Guest List Manager

To upload a guest list, click on the Upload a Guest List link.


Upload your guest list as a CSV in the following format.


Hover over the “Choose File To Upload” after having selected a file to upload and the name of the file will appear in a small grey box. See below. (The user might needs to move around a bit in order to see this box but it will be displayed.)

Fill out the rest of the guest list fields that pertain to your event.

Screenshot 2023-08-02 at 10.47.46.png

  • Ticket Type – choose the ticket type you want your guests to receive
  • Event Delivery Method – select whether you want your guests to receive will call tickets or print at home tickets
  • Company/Category – add the guest’s company or a category (optional)
  • Offer – add an offer if this guest list is part of an offer (optional)
  • Internal Notes – add any extra notes to the guest list (optional)
  • Notify customer via email  – will send an email to all customers on the CSV

A "Double submit protection" message will appear if a user double-clicks the "Upload Guest List" button. The first click actually creates the guest list, but the second one fails, which is why the error message displays. Once the error message is displayed, other guest lists cannot be added. If user navigates to another page, then reopens Guest List Uploader, the uploading will be allowed again.

Manually Add Guest

You can also manually add guests to your guest list.


Guests will appear in a list.


Click the ‘Download as a CSV’ link to download your guest list.


Group Manager

The Group Manager lists all guest list uploads and individual manual guest list customers.


Search by company, category or group ID. You can also email all guests in a group or download the group as a csv.



View guest list stats on the Stats page. See the scanned, pending and total tickets.


Check In

Check in guest list customers by clicking the Scan/Check In icon.


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