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Ticket Stock Customization and Ordering

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Some of our clients use our ticket stock feature to print batches of hard-copy tickets for their events or to customize the look of their shipped tickets on a per-ticket type level.

Client-Level Ticket Stock

This page lists all ticket stock orders on that account. You can also manage the order, edit, reprint, force close, void and view statements.

Setting: Client Dashboard > Manage > Ticket Stock

From the client level ticket stock page, you will see all ticket stock orders for that client.


  • Edit Order: You can edit your ticket stock orders before they are printed.
  • Reprint Tickets: Brand users can reprint ticket stock orders. This will wipe out any printed tickets and make those barcodes invalid.
  • Force Close: Brand users can force an order closed to remove it from the print queue.
  • Void Tickets: Brand users can void the ticket stock order so the barcode will no longer be valid.
  • View Statement: You can view the statement for each ticket stock order.


Event-Level Ticket Stock

Here you can place ticket stock orders and edit the color and info on shipped tickets.

Setting: Event Dashboard > Manage > Ticket Stock

Click create a ticket stock order. Once a ticket stock order is printed, it is a live ticket that can be scanned in our box office software to get into the event.


  • Ticket Color: Choose your ticket stock color (a lot of clients choose different color stock for different ticket types).
  • Custom Text: You have 4 lines to add custom text to your ticket stock. Each line has a 40 character count maximum.
  • Ticket Type: Add the ticket type name for the set of ticket stock you want to order.
  • # of Tickets: Add the number of tickets you’d like to order.
  • Face Value
  • Service Fee
  • Event Ages: Choose an age for this ticket type.


All text that is added will show in a live preview on the ticket stock look above.


To see how ticket stock is priced by number of tickets, click on the Ticket Stock Price Chart link.



Lastly, choose your shipping method.


If you choose to pick up your tickets at See Tickets, you must have a photo ID that matches the pick up name above in order to pick up the tickets. Tickets can be picked up Monday - Friday from 9AM to 7PM.


Checkout by entering your billing info. To add another ticket stock order to your final purchase, click on the Purchase More Tickets button at the top of the page.

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