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Automated Price Level Changes

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Recommended: See Your Client Service Manager to ensure correct deployment your first time.

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Legacy Setting: Event Dashboard > Ticket Manager > Price Levels


Event Creation for Venues Settings: > Edit > Ticket Manager > Ticket Types > Add price levels



Setting Price Levels changes the price of a ticket type based on a number of tickets sold/held OR by a date/time. Once a ticket is in a cart, the price level is locked. This setting is per individual ticket type.

  • Price levels can be set to automatically increase based on a quantity of tickets sold or held in customer carts.  For example, a client may wish for their ticket price to start at $30 and to increase to $40 after selling 250 tickets.mceclip3.png
  • Price levels can be set to automatically increase based on a date and time. For example, a client may wish for their ticket price to start at $30 and to increase to $40 on day of show.  mceclip5.png
    • We do have a ticket timer function which can be used instead of this, however that requires to build a secondary ticket type at that increased price point (This can be found in the Ticket Manager > Advanced Settings – per individual ticket type).

Things to Know

  1. This feature will only honor price increases; no decreases.
  2. Once a price level is triggered the price can not go back down to a lesser value. In this case the price level trigger must be deleted and the price manually changed. 
  3. Quantity based price level increases are affected by tickets that are put into carts regardless of eventually being purchased.  For example, if the price trigger is set to 100 tickets and 99 tickets have already sold, that 100th ticket placed in a customer's cart will trigger the price to increase, EVEN IF they don't follow through with the purchase at checkout. Each ticket carted after that will be at the higher price point.
  4.  It is recommended that a price level trigger is not set to anything 100 or less. Anything less than 100 is considered too small and more likely to be affected by abandoned purchases.
  5. If using shared ticket types, the price level trigger only works on the ticket in which it is placed. Does not work on a combined total between the shared ticket types.
  6. Box office sales DO count towards the price level trigger.
  7. For box office sales where tickets are being fulfilled in the system (load mag card or print ticket), if you start the checkout process for either cash or credit and reach the fulfillment screen (Print Ticket or Fulfill Mag Card) they are considered held and will count towards the price level trigger.
  8. Items that do NOT count towards Price Level Triggers:
    • Putting tickets in the box office cart without selecting “cash” or “card” 
    • Box office comps
    • 100% discount promo code tickets
    • Guest list tickets

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