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Setting: Client Dashboard > Finance > Open Invoices

Keep track of what you owe or are owed for any event with event statements.

If you are using the See Tickets payment processor, a statement is generated at 7:00 AM the day after the event date. If you are using your own gateway like Stripe, a new statement is created every Monday and the statement will be settled weekly.


The open invoices tab shows any invoice that has not been closed, it is always our goal to reconcile event statements within a week of the event ending.


After the statement has been paid out or collected in full, it will move to the closed invoice tab.


At the bottom of a closed invoice, there will be a line item with the payment info, date + time and the amount that should balance out the statement.


The top of the statement includes the client info, event info, the statement number and a filter for all line item types. There are also links to add a line item (Accounting only) and to export as a csv.

The facility fee is visible as it may belong to the client.


The filter by feature lets you isolate a line item type.


Also included are any related statements, which represent other closed statements that were included in the total settled payment.


At the bottom of a closed invoice, there will be a line item with the payment info, date and time, and the amount that will balance out the statement.


On a statement, we provide accounting visibility of the event's activities as it relates to the amount due to See Tickets or the Client.  Further event details can be found on the Client Dashboard. Select an event and generate a report to showcase your specific reporting interest - Event details which provide visibility into the Ticket Type Purchases, Facility Fees, etc.  Customer and Processing fees per contract can also be found in this area.

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