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See Tickets Marketing Offerings For Event Promotion

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See Tickets Marketing Capabilities

See Tickets US offers support to our clients using a number of different capabilities and partners including:

  • homepage listing or rotating banner for major events
  • Inclusion in our See Tickets Email Marketing Blasts
  • Automated Affiliate distribution or Automated Distributed Commerce through our partners like BandsInTown, SongKick, DiscoTech, JamBase, and other affiliates. 
  • See Tickets Promote feeds your events information to Facebook, Youtube and Spotify. 

Where can I learn more about See Tickets Marketing Capabilities?

Try these Client Support articles:

What are some good strategies and tactics to maximize See Tickets’ capabilities?

Your Business Development Manager, Account Manager, and Client Service Manager have deep experience and expertise using our platform to engage strong sales tactics and strategies to have the best possible outcome of your ticket sales. 

To promote your event effectively you’ll want to plan out a strategy carefully to maximize your engagement with your audience and drive the most possible sales. Some of our strongest festival clients use tactics such as:

  • Plan the stages of your on-sale using the key moments before your event.
  • Use See Tickets Automated Price Level Changes to increase pricing over time and reward early buyers while using FOMO to drive sales.
  • Use See Tickets Promo Codes and Password Protected Events: Create one time use codes from previous buyers email addresses. Try a loyalty Presale to get your super fans excited by encouraging them to start the buzz on social before the general on sale.  
  • Use Hive Contests: Encourage your audience to engage on social and sign up for SMS notifications.
  • Use See Tickets to create Multiple Ticket Types which can include camping, parking, merchandise or special experiences including VIP, Cabana Seating, and more. 
  • Use See Tickets Payment Plans to allow consumers to pay in installments. Ask your Client Service Manager for help with this one. 
  • Build your SMS audience to communicate merchandise or food & beverage promotions, or to promote added ticket types.  
  • Create Promotions!
    • Create FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) for next year at this year’s festival by maximizing social engagement for the attendees on the ground. 
    • Create excitement before lineup announcements. Some like to do a little at a time to create many moments to drive engagement and build excitement. 
    • Create promotions like Flash Sales or BOGOs/2-for-1’s.

How do I maximize the See Tickets integration with

See Tickets fights Cart Abandonment with automated email notifications through your Hive account. If you are a purchaser of Hive, you have the ability to update that messaging as you see fit. You can do much more with Hive to ensure you’re driving the message to your audience including Contesting, SMS Marketing, Automated Email Marketing, Form creation for websites or pop-ups, and much more. Here are some resources where you can learn more. 

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