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Reserved Seating

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FEATURE AVAILABILITY: Our Reserved Seating has limitations you should understand prior to attempting a deployment.  Please discuss the availability of this feature with your Client Service Manager before planning to use it.

Create events using the See Tickets reserved seating system! Manage your event and allow customers to select their seats using an interactive seating map. Create events that combine reserved seats and general admission. 

Reserved seating maps are built in advance by the See Tickets design team. Please contact your Client Service Manager for more details. Integration - BETA

Our integration allows almost any venue to be recreated as a seating map.

Without Sections

Smaller venues and theaters can use charts without sections to give a full view of the venue without having to click into individual sections to see seat availability.


With Sections

Larger venues, amphitheaters, and stadiums can take advantage of zoomed out sections to display the entire venue map. Customers can choose their section and then zoom in to pick their preferred seats.



Table configurations can be created with the ability to customize the number of seats per table.



“Booths” can be used for non-seated reserved spaces like camping spots, events with drive-in vehicle spaces etc.


Create a Reserved Seating Event

Setting: Client Dashboard > Create an Event

Select ‘Single Day Event’ or ‘Pass Event’.


Enter basic event information:

  • Event Name – cannot exceed 60 characters
  • Event Date + Time
  • Stop ALL Sales (Online + Box Office) – the date and time online sales will end
  • Start Online Sales – the date and time online sales begin
  • Time Zone – timezone in which your event is held
  • Location – venue name and address for the event (not all fields are required, at least one field must be filled in)
  • Tax (if applicable)


Venues with reserved seating maps are marked with the chart builder icon to the right. If there is no icon, there is not a reserved seating map attached to that venue. If you do not see the icon, please reach out to your Client Service Manager to assist. New seating map requests need to be submitted at least five business days before the event build can begin.


Click Save & Exit or continue to “Add Tickets”.


Add the seating chart and pricing chart to the event by selecting the pencil Edit icon on the Tickets bar. 


In the popup window, the default Seating Chart and Pricing Chart values are set to GA.


Select a seating chart.


Then select a pricing chart.


There are two settings to sell reserved seats: customers pick seats from a map, or, they are automatically assigned the best available seats. ‘Best available’ lists ticket types for the customer to choose from and assigns them the best seat available at their chosen price.


For ‘Best Available’ check the box and click save. 

The pricing zones appear in the ticket manager allowing you to create tickets for each pricing zone.


Reserved seat ticket types have predetermined allotments as per the number of seats available on the seating map. There is a field to add the age restriction to the ticket type. If a seating chart has General Admission and Reserved Seats, an allotment must be entered for GA sections.

Event Page View

Click on a seat or click a section to zoom in.


Hover over a section, to see the section name and the price(s). The quantity of available seats displays in the backend but not to online customers.


A customer can also select a block of seats by using the multi-select tool by clicking the arrow icon in the upper right corner. Seat information and ticket type options will appear.


Screen-Shot-2017-01-31-at-2.28.48-PM.png Screen-Shot-2017-01-31-at-2.28.29-PM.png


Once the customer confirms their selection, the seat turns red.


Seat Selection

To deselect a seat and click the seat a then click the “remove” button.


Each seat selected is listed on the checkout page. Remove a seat by selecting the trash can icon or by choosing a different seat by selecting the hashtag icon.



Some platform features are not compatible with Reserved Seating. Please ask your Client Service Manager for details.


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