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Ticket Grouping (Legacy)

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Our system has two layers of grouping for organizing tickets on the event page. The first layer is tabs, which you can learn about here. The second layer is with "groups", which are a group of tickets inside a single tab that live under a specified header. 

Get Started

Setting: Client Dashboard > Create an Event Link

Start by creating an event or editing an existing event. Head to the Tickets tab of the Edit menu. Create a group by clicking the Add a group link next to the Ticket Manager header.


In the Ticket Group popup, fill out the following fields:

  • Tab Group: Assign the ticket group to a tab. If you aren’t using tabs, assign the group to the default tab called Tickets.
  • Pricing Section: Assign a pricing section to the group. If this is a GA section (ie not reserved seating), select GA.
  • NameGive the group a name.
  • Is ExpandedTo auto-expand the group (ie have it open and act as a header), check the checkbox. Otherwise, the tickets in that group will live inside a toggle, meaning that you can open and close the group.


Click Save.

Add Tickets to Group

Once your group has been created, it will appear in the ticket manager.


To add tickets to the group, drag and drop them into the drop area using the move icon to the right of the ticket.


You can add existing tickets to your group, or create new tickets to be added to the group. To create a new ticket to add to the group, click the Add a ticket type link at the bottom of the tab group.


The new ticket will appear in the Ungrouped Tickets section.


Any new tickets or tickets that don’t belong to a group will live in the Ungrouped Tickets section. Each tab will have its own Ungrouped Tickets section.

Move Groups

Change the sort order of any group within a tab by using the move icon to the right of the group header.


You can also edit the group name or change the auto-expand settings at any time using the edit icon located to the right of the group header.

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