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Ticket PDF Customization

PDF receipts and Print@Home tickets can be completely customized by the See Tickets design team. Text and image can be changed, moved and replaced to fit the client's needs. 

How are customizations applied?

PDF receipt customizations are applied at the event level. There is no way to set PDF receipt customizations at the client level.

What can be customized?

Almost anything on the receipt can be customized.

Dynamic text (any text using a ## tag) is populated on each receipt based on event and order data. Dynamic text can be replaced with static text if needed, but these changes will apply to all PDFs of that delivery method.


What cannot be customized?

On Print@Home PDFs, anything can be customized. Reminder that editing dynamic text will remove the dynamic nature of the field (for example, if you change the ticket type to static text, the new text will appear for all ticket types that were purchased as Print@Home).

On Will Call, Shipped, and Payment Plan PDFs, the order breakdown section cannot be moved or edited.



Example Custom PDFs





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