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Promo Codes: Discounts & Password Protected Events

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Promo codes allow you to apply discounts to specific ticket types, an entire event, or all events on your account. Promo codes can also be used to provide access to restricted ticket types or events.

Get Started

Please proceed with caution when adding a promo code to your entire account. It applies to all ticket types on all events on the account. 

Setting: Client Dashboard or Event Dashboard > Market > Promo Codes

Click on Create a Promo Code.

Choose from three types of promo codes:

  • Multi-Use Codes – A single code which can be used multiple times by multiple customers.
  • One-Time-Use Codes – Unique codes generated by the system that can only be used for one transaction, after which they expire.
  • Upload Your Own – Upload your own codes that can be applied as either Multi-Use or One Time Use.

Multi-Use Codes


  • Promo Code * – the code entered by the customer on the event page
  • Deduction Rules *
    • Dollar ($) amount discounted from each ticket OR each order
    • Percentage (%) to be discounted from each order
      • For presale codes with no discount (used for early access to buy tickets for example), enter “0%” in this field
    • Free/Comp ticket (100% discount)
This will deduct tickets from available inventory and the order will be FREE upon checkout
    • Discounts are not applied to facility fees, customer fees, taxes, etc. 
      • Example: A $10 discount on a $10 ticket (with $2.50 in fees) will still yield a $2.50 required payment at checkout
Tax is calculated on the full value of the ticket before discounts are applied.  
  • Max Quantity
    • Puts a limit on how many total tickets can be collectively purchased with a single multi-use promo code. For example, if set to 100, it allows the first 100 tickets purchased by customers to have the promo code applied. After 100 are sold using the promo code, it is invalidated for further purchases.  
    • Feature does work for "All Ticket Types" however, an issue occurs when the purchase amount is the same as the max amount across multiple ticket types. For example, if the promo code max is 4 and a customer checks out with 4 GA and 4 VIP in one transaction, an error message will not appear and customer will be able to checkout.
    • If used on multiple ticket types with the same code, the max quantity should be set to the same value, otherwise the system will always stop use at the lowest entered value

One-Time-Use Codes


  • Promo Code *– Unique name of the promo code (this is the name for reference purposes only and is NOT the code that will be generated for customer use).
  • One Time Use Code - Choose how many codes to generate and whether or not you want your codes to have a prefix.
    • Default codes will be non-sequential numerical values that range from 10000 to 99999.
Please limit your batches to no more than 10,000 codes and use a different prefix per batch to avoid code duplication.
  • After the deduction rules and any additional restrictions are filled out, hit “Generate Promo Codes” to generate the ‘one time use’ codes.
  • Additional codes can be created by clicking “Generate Promo Codes” once the first batch of codes has been created.
  • To make an update to existing one time use codes (i.e. change the discount amount or percentage), update the respective information and click “Save Promo Code”
Clicking “Generate Promo Code” will create a new set of codes rather than updating the existing codes.
  • A list of created batches can be found at the bottom of the page under the “Download/Manage Your Promo Codes” header.
    • When you click “Manage Codes”, you can search for specific codes, and see if they are active or inactive, activate or inactivate codes, and/or download a CSV file of the codes.

Upload Your Own Codes

Screenshot 2023-08-02 at 10.30.46.png

  • CSV Upload File - Click “Choose File to Upload” to upload your CSV file of promo codes. Click the “CSV Format Example” link for proper file formatting.
    • Emails are often used as password protected promo codes. The system will accept an "@" symbol when uploading your own codes. 
    • Hover over the “Choose File To Upload” after having selected a file to upload and the name of the file will appear in a small grey box. (The user might needs to move around a bit in order to see this box but it will be displayed.)
  • Code Type - Choose between a One Time Use promo code or a Multi-Use promo code.
  • Promo Code Name - Unique name of the promo code (this is the name for reference purposes only and is NOT the code that will be generated for customer use).

Password Protected Events

Use the promo code as a password or access code in addition to offering a discount

    • No selection - The ticket type(s) are available on the ticket page, the promo code provides a discount to a ticket type, but customers without code are still able to purchase.
    • Password protect ticket type (you must check password protected box) - The ticket type will display on the ticket page, but in order to purchase, the customer must enter the code in the promo code box.
      • If a promo code is applied to ‘All Ticket Types’, this will activate a “password screen” where the customer must enter the code in order to access the ticket page
      • If you are interested in using hidden ticket types, please contact your Client Service Manager. 
    • Password protect event + details (must check password protected box) - Will activate a “password screen” where the customer must enter the promo code in order to access the ticket page.
      • Only functions when “All Ticket Types” is selected
  • Group Discount – Add a minimum, maximum, or exact ticket requirement in order for the discount to apply (ex. 10% off when you buy at least 4 tickets)
The discount will only apply to each ticket type, not the entire order. If there is a minimum 2 ticket group discount, it must be 2 identical ticket types (2 GA) and not multiple ticket types (1 GA + 1 VIP).
  • Apply Discount To – Discount can be applied to all ticket types or an individual ticket type
  • Promo Start + End – Set date and time parameters for when the promo code is active.

Things to Note

  • Promo codes cannot be deleted - but they can be made inactive.
  • Promo codes can only be applied to all ticket types or an individual ticket type. If a promo code needs to apply to all ticket types except for one, the same promo code will need to be created for each individual applicable ticket type.
  • If “password protect ticket type” is chosen and applied to All Ticket Types, it will activate the Password screen which hides the ticket selection screen.
  • Promo codes are carried over to duplicate events.
  • The promo code value MUST NOT exceed the face value price of the ticket.
  • It is strongly recommended to not use promo code discounts in conjunction with payment plans. If you decide to do this it is very important to avoid these potential problems
  • Do not create promo codes that are valid for the entire amount (including fees) of a ticket in order to “comp” the ticket(s). The processor cannot refund $0 and the platform does not allow tickets to be cancelled without being refunded.  An alternative solution is to use the Free/Comp ticket (100% discount) deduction rule or comp the ticket using other methods such as Guest List Manager or through the Box Office.
  • In orders of two or more tickets, promo code discount amounts are not applied to each ticket. The total discount amount is applied to the first ticket in the order, which can cause the value of the first ticket to be a negative amount (less than $0). This causes issues when trying to “refund” the ticket(s) because the processor cannot refund $0 and the platform does not allow tickets to be cancelled without being refunded. 
  • In some cases, promo codes may not work with reserved seating. Please test out your planned promo code process before making it public. Your Client Service Manager can help with this.
  • The “Max Quantity” feature is not compatible with Upload Your Own promo codes or client level promo codes. 
  • Client Level “password protect event + details” promo codes do not work.

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