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See Tickets US ticket buyers are offered the option to purchase Ticket Protection when making their ticket purchase. If Ticket protection is purchased by a consumer, that ticket buyer can now apply for a refund on tickets for reasons specified by the provider.  

As a promoter, how does Ticket Protection help me?

  • Sell More Tickets. The availability of Ticket Protection allows your customers the freedom to purchase tickets in advance without fear of losing their funds, thus encouraging consumers to purchase with confidence. 
  • Consumers can get refunds but you keep the ticket proceeds. When a Ticket Protection claim is filed by a consumer, you retain the full ticket proceeds regardless of the claim outcome.
  • Fewer credit card chargebacks. When consumers use Ticket Protection to obtain a refund, there is no reason for them to file a credit card chargeback claim. 
  • No customer service to worry about. The provider handles all claims and communication with consumers. You don’t have to do a thing.
  • Increased consumer satisfaction. Maintain your “no refunds” policy knowing your ticket buyers will have options.

How does it work? 

Ticket Protection is offered to ticket buyers on all transactions (with the exception of those events in states of New York & Hawaii, and clients on their own processor). This option gives customers a route to a refund in the event of certain circumstances that prevent them from attending the show.

If customer enters a billing zip code in NY or HI, TP will no longer be available to the customer. If they decide to change their billing zip code to something outside of NY or HI, the customer will need to select TP again to purchase coverage.

Who is TicketPlan/GoReady?

TicketPlan/GoReady is the provider from whom consumers purchase Ticket Protection coverage.

What types of incidents are covered for consumers? 

Please refer to TicketPlan/GoReady terms here: Go Ready Insurance | File A Claim

How are customer inquiries managed? 

Any claims or questions are handled by TicketPlan/GoReady directly. Claims will be answered in 5-7 business days by the provider. The provider will have access to ticket/order statuses and scan data in order to assess the claim. Honored claims will receive a refund. If the claim is denied, the customer can still file a chargeback but the likelihood of successful chargeback is reduced.  More info here: There is no timeframe following the event that a claim must be submitted. 

What will be refunded for approved claims?

Claim refunds will include fees and total the amount of the complete order. It is possible for customers to claim on individual tickets within a multiple ticket order, and they would be refunded accordingly.

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