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See Tickets web-based box office (WBBO) is a full-service, easy to use tool for helping you run a successful event.

With the web-based box office you can

  • scan tickets at entry,
  • sell tickets,
  • distribute tickets with will call,
  • handle all customer service issues and check box office stats.

Getting Started

Navigate to the box office menu item on the Client dashboard or Event dashboard.

Once within the WBBO interface, you can toggle up/down the navigation page buttons using the arrow on the right side of the menu.


The ENTRY screen is used for admission into the event and verifying whether a barcode is valid or not.

The event you are scanning for will appear underneath the grey tabs along the top (in the example below it would be "TEST WEB-BASED BOX OFFICE"). SCAN MODE shows the types of tickets that are valid for entry. The number on the right side is the terminal number and the grey search bar shows your search options.


Click on the hamburger menu (bar icon) to change your SCAN MODE settings.


  • Scan Status
    • Entry is the default and allows for one scan only.
    • Scan in and out should work in conjunction with each other. You should not scan out unless you have scanned in, however the system does not check for a prior scan in when scanning out. Scan out can be used on tickets that have either scanned in or have been scanned in Entry mode.
    • Verify ticket will only tell you if the barcode is valid for the event. It will not mark the ticket as scanned.
  • Change or add events by clicking on the pencil icon to the left of the event name. Click the checkmark next to the event(s) you want to add. All active events for that client will show in this list.


  • Choose Your Ticket(s): Select which ticket types you’d like to scan. Leave them all unchecked to scan for all.

Use the grey search bar to search for a ticket number. The search will start to autofill once a number or letter is entered.

There are specific colors and sounds for each scan action:

  • A valid ticket is green.
  • A duplicate scan (a valid ticket but previously scanned) is grey.
  • An invalid ticket is red. 


Sell Tickets

Sell tickets to an event through the Sell Tickets tab. All active ticket types for the chosen event(s) that have “box office” selected as the method of sale will show here. The footer at the bottom of the screen will give you your payment options. Once a ticket has been added to your cart, the number of tickets and price will update in the lower right corner.


If your event is a reserved seating event, it will have two extra buttons. For more info on reserved seating in the box office, please go here: Reserved Seating Box Office Management.


Click on the hamburger menu (bar icon) to change your sell tickets settings.


Box View is the default view. You can also switch to List View in the settings popup. List View will show all events on that account in a list format. You can expand or hide tickets for any event by clicking on the arrow icon on the right.


The Sell Tickets event bar has a search icon on the left. You can also type Q as a shortcut. This will take you to the search page where you can search and add any event on that account.

Each ticket type is listed with the name of the ticket type, price, age restriction, a "More info" link, and a stepper to add or subtract tickets. The number in the upper left corner is also a keyboard shortcut. Every time you use that key it will add a ticket to the cart. You can also add a ticket type to the cart by clicking on it or using the stepper.

Click the info icon to display a popup with some extra info on the ticket type like the ticket description and what time the doors open.




Enter in the cash received to calculate the change due to the customer. If your customer has a promo code, click the Promo Code button to open the Enter Promo Code field.

ScreenshotIf Scan Mag Cards is set on the Brand Settings, you will be asked to swipe a mag card to load each ticket. This step can be skipped.


The Print Tickets button will show up if it is enabled in the Brand Settings.


Swipe or manually enter the customer’s credit card.


You can collect additional customer info after any purchase.  This can be set on the Brand Settings page. All fields are optional and can be skipped.

Once the transaction is complete, you will see this popup (If “PDF Receipt Shown On Success Popup?” is selected on the brand settings page, a Print PDF button will show on the transaction complete popup):


Comp (FREE)

You can comp any ticket type in the box office. Add the ticket price and service fee. You can also add a reason for the comp. This information will appear in the notes section of the customer order details.


Phone Path

Phone Path is an option for onsite box office personnel to sell tickets for future events without the constraints of the normal Box Office parameters. This feature will use the event's ONLINE fee structure rather than the BOX OFFICE fee structure. Using Phone Path will also set the tickets to Will Call delivery method.

Phone Path is considered a less secure option and not commonly used. 


Audit Trail

Click on the arrow icon in the footer to slide down the Audit Trail. The Audit Trail shows all box office transactions and their timestamps.


Will Call

The Will Call screen is a fast way to pick up Will Call tickets. You must swipe the customer’s credit card to pick up their tickets. If the customer does not have their credit card, you must use the Service to look up their order.


After the credit card is swiped, the Will Call screen will show the tickets associated to that credit card.

  • If there are tickets available, a mag card popup will show for each ticket to be picked up.
  • If the tickets were picked up, the picked up column will show a red number.


You can pick up tickets for multiple events by selecting them in the settings (bar icon) popup.



On the Service screen you can search for a customer’s name, customer email (used at purchase), last 4 digits of their credit card or order number. You can also swipe a customer’s credit card to pull up their order.


Each order has certain actions associated with it:

  • Void – You can void free tickets in the box office.
  • Pickup – You can also pick up will call tickets in the service screen.
  • Refund – You can refund box office purchases on the service screen.
  • Reissue – Tickets can be reissued to a new mag card at any time.
  • Ticket Audit Trail – If you click on the red text text to the right of the ticket type buttons, you can see the ticket history for any ticket.



Check all box office admission and will call stats on the Stats page. On this page, you will also be able to access to the Full Stats and the complete Audit Trail for this event.


To get back to the Event Dashboard, click the Dashboard button at the top of the screen. You can also sign in or sign out using the button in the top right corner.

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