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Uploading Third Party Barcodes

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This feature allows barcodes generated by other tickets companies to be scanned on See Tickets software and hardware when transitioning to See Tickets from another platform. Uploading the competitor’s bar codes allows the you to scan both sets of tickets without needing two separate sets of equipment on two different systems.

Prepare Barcode Data For Upload

The data must be formatted correctly to be accepted by the system. This sample data represents three orders which have three, one and two tickets respectively, so a total of six tickets.


  • Do not include column headers. The column headers above are for demonstration purposes only.
  • When uploading different ticket types (for example: GA and VIP or Adult and Child), create a separate spreadsheet per ticket type. It is not possible to upload mixed ticket types on a single spreadsheet.
  • Columns C, I and J (highlighted orange) must contain data. The customer name is not mandatory but can be entered.
  • Leave columns D to H empty.
  • Column I (quantity) must always contain “1”. It is one row per ticket.
  • If the email addresses are unknown, please enter a placeholder (for example: can be used for every entry on the spreadsheet).
  • Save the file in CSV format with the event name and ticket type in the file name. Excel files will not be accepted. 

Uploading The Data

Setting: Event Dashboard > Manage Menu > Guest List Manager > Upload a Guest List

  1. Click on “Upload a Guest List
  2. Click on “Choose File to Upload
  3. Select the Ticket Type from the dropdown menu.
  4. Event Delivery Method” select “Print@Home”.
  5. The last three fields can be left blank or filled in as desired.
  6. DO NOT check the “Notify customer via email” box. The customers already have a ticket. Sending an email will likely cause confusion.
  7. Click “UPLOAD GUEST LIST” to finish. 

A "Double submit protection" message will appear if a user double-clicks the "Upload Guest List" button. The first click actually creates the guest list, but the second one fails, which is why the error message displays. Once the error message is displayed, other guest lists cannot be added. If user navigates to another page, then reopens Guest List Uploader, the uploading will be allowed again.

Were the barcodes uploaded successfully?

It is recommended to conduct a test to ensure that the third party barcodes were uploaded successfully and the tickets will scan at the event. 

Setting: Event Dashboard > Box Office > Entry Tab > Settings Icon


  1. Make sure the “ENTRY” tab is selected then click on the settings tab to the left.
  2. For “Scan Status” select “Verify Ticket” and then click “SAVE SETTINGS”.
  3. Hand key or paste one of the third party barcodes into the box and hit enter or the search button.
  4. If the green check mark appears the barcodes have been uploaded successfully. 
  • Test scanning must be done in “Verify Ticket” mode. If not, the ticket will be scanned and rendered invalid.
  • It is recommended to scan an actual barcode ticket if possible.
  • Scanning for real must be done in “Entry - 1 Scan Only” mode. If not, scans will not be recorded in stats and the tickets will not be invalidated after scanning, and can be scanned multiple times.
  • This process only works for 100% GA ticket events. For events with a reserved seating element, the guest list upload feature is disabled.
  • The barcode column needs to be reformatted if the barcodes have leading zeros to allow them to be read.

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