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The Waitlist feature allows you to collect additional customer data after a show sells out. This can be used for marketing, messaging about additional allotments added, or to fill drop-off gaps at a sold out show.


The Waitlist feature is an event-level setting that you can enable in your Event Settings. Once activated, it will automatically turn on when your ENTIRE event is sold out or inactive.


The Waitlist allows you to collect customer information (Name, Email, Phone) that can later be viewed & exported from the Live Stats > Reports page by selecting the “Customer Wait List” option.



It will be up to you to determine when and how you want to reach out to customers, and manually release tickets. There is no mechanism on the See Tickets platform to alert or message these customers.
The “Join Waitlist” button will only show up if an event is sold out or all tickets are made inactive. For example, if one ticket is only available in the box office, another ticket is hidden by a promo code and the last ticket sells out, the "Join Waitlist" button will show. 

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