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SMS and MMS Text Message Marketing

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What is SMS Text Message Marketing?

Text message marketing: Hive SMS Text lets you fully leverage your CRM data to send targeted SMS Text messages with easy set up and consent management. Having your email, CRM and SMS Text all in one place keeps you organized and helps you more effectively market to your customers.



  • SMS Text marketing & automation for ecommerce: Hive is one of the few email CRMs that has SMS Text built in. With the easiest customer list management in any CRM, email addresses and phone numbers are intelligently merged into accurate user profiles. You can see which customers you’re communicating with and how often to ensure you don’t bombard them with too many marketing messages.
  • Personalized omnichannel marketing: By letting you send email and SMS Text messages, Hive helps you cater to your customers needs and reach them in the way that works best for them. Let subscribers choose whether they want to receive emails, texts, or both. Send lightweight automated SMS Text for communication you don’t need a whole email for (e.g. abandoned cart reminders).

What is MMS Text Message Marketing?

  • An MMS Message is a SMS Text message that includes a file—(ie a picture, video, emoji, or a website link) which allows you more flexibility when communicating with your fans. 

How it Works

  • Hassle-free and quick setup: Start driving ROI in just a few clicks, with pre-built SMS Text campaigns that have all the logic baked in. Hive’s flexible triggers let you personalize automated SMS Text sends when a customer matches attributes or completes an action.
  • Pre-built SMS/MMS Text automations: Send SMS Text messages to thank new customers or recover abandoned carts, all with a few clicks! Hive's pre-built SMS Text automations take care of the logic for you, so you don't have to worry about complicated set up.

Everything You Need for SMS Text Automation and Messaging

  • Pre-Built SMS Text Automations: Our pre-built SMS Text workflows save you time, with logic and texts ready for cart and browse abandonment, and birthday notifications.
  • SMS Text Campaigns: Announce new arrivals or your latest sale with personalized, targeted SMS Text and MMS messages.
  • 100% TCPA Compliance: Your contacts can always choose to unsubscribe by replying STOP or via integrated unsubscribe links.
  • SMS Text List Building Tools: Grow your list seamlessly using our signup forms, contests, SDK, and popup forms without bombarding customers.
  • SMS Text Revenue Attribution: Track how SMS Text is performing compared to your other channels, and leverage reporting to drive higher ROI.
  • Seamless CRM Syncing: Hive is one of the few CRMs that has SMS Text built in, giving you a comprehensive view of your customer journey.

SMS + MMS Text Pricing

  • $0.02/SMS Text Message sent billed monthly and reconciled from your See Tickets settlement, or billed to a credit card on file. 
  • $0.10/MMS Text Message sent billed monthly and reconciled from your See Tickets settlement, or billed to a credit card on file.
  • SMS Text sent is the sum of the SMS Text messages. Some individual marketing messages with links may constitute multiple messages due to their length or composition. 
  • Client SMS Text marketing to their audience in their client Hive account that was acquired through See Tickets. SMS Text marketing is currently available for access in all Hive accounts. 
  • Support for creating campaigns can be acquired through the Hive account management team. 

*Pricing is for sending SMS Text messages to U.S. recipients off of long code numbers, sending in other countries, sending off of short codes, and other use cases may be subject to additional fees

Do Consumers Opt-In for SMS marketing when purchasing tickets through See Tickets?

Not yet, but we're considering this for future development. Meanwhile, you have excellent options for building your SMS audience. Click here to learn more

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